Select Cover Photo size perfect – Facebook Timeline!

The Photo cover size of the new Facebook Timeline is 850 × 315 which is 850px wide and 315px height. And now, this cover of Facebook image dimension size has been initiated to a new craze of 850 × 315px. Across the web, Facebook wallpapers have many free wallpaper sits that are all encouraging the users of the Facebook in order to select their Cover art of Facebook.

Photo Cover Size in Facebook

You can now, activate the Facebook Timeline and then you can get the new Photo cover which will serve like a header image of your Facebook page. This is a very great opportunity in order to use a very large 850px wide image for the purpose to showcase a different image based about your life, event or even other pictures.

What image size cover you will use?

It will be a very good idea to upload an image of 850px wide and 315px height exact size with high resolution.

What is the Photo cover’s maximum width?

Facebook officially says that the cover image should be at least 720 pixels wide. If the image is small that you have uploaded, then it will leave an error. If you try to upload small images, then a message will be shown that the upload Photo cover should be at least 399 pixels wide. You will be able to upload the images that are more than 399 pixels wide which were zoomed out and could not be repositioned. The height of the image can be accepted with any size.

What will you do if your use cover Photo is in any other size?

 First of all, Facebook cover Photos below that has been allowed that will not be accepted for uploading the cover Photo. Suppose, you try to upload the image with any other size, then the Facebook will be forced to resize or crop the image virtually. If this is done, then it will make it distorted and also pixilated. So, it is better only if you upload the image with the exact size.

Will you able to Crop / Edit the Cover Photo?

Only the Facebook will be able to reposition the cover image, only if you could upload the image in larger size. This will work more like as if it is moving the image from up and down, for larger image till you get all the area of interest in the fixed size of 850 × 315. Then, now, you will be able to save your Facebook Cover.

Can anyone else save my Cover Photo?

This image can be saved and then it will be visible for the use of the public. The most important in this is, it is like a virtual crop. So, suppose the people try to right click and save your Facebook cover, then they will be able to decide to make the head as your cover Photo. The people who are saving the image will be able to look at the image in full size. Therefore, it will be a very good idea, if you upload the image in the exact size. And you should know that all the cover images are public, so select the option as wisely as in order to see them by everyone.