How to transfer Apps, Games between iPhone, iPad, iPod

Have you ever got tired of searching ways to transfer data, apps or games from one iOS device to another iOS device? Here is the solution for your problem.

App Trans is a new solution to transfer Apps between all iOS devices which allows the user to transfer your apps and games from one iOS device to another without having to use iTunes or iCloud. App Trans is well-prepared with three transfer modes that allows the user to keep all App data, game progress and records and it also permits you to save your personal settings to the new device.

You should connect both the devices with the use of USB to transfer the apps from one another. There are three modes to transfer apps-only app, app with data and all settings.
It is possible to transfer the data in two ways. As iPhone 5 introduced the Lightning Connector, App Trans also takes advantage of this fast data connection technology and that’s why you would feel that this iPhone App Transfer is impressively fast.

This app is not free but you can get this free for limited time using their Social networking site Facebook giveaway.